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SALISBURY LONDON WC2N 4AP 90 St. Martin's Lane
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Having undergone a recent facelift the Salisbury is more magnificent than ever. Re-painted, re-upholstered and rejuvenated.
It was built as a restaurant in the early 1890's, on the site of a pub called the Salisbury Stores. Then in 1898 it was converted into a pub and adopted the name of the pub it replaced, evident by the double 'S' etched into the pub's windows.
Window image SALISBURY WC2 This was the boom decade for Victorian pubs. The refurbishment was an expensive and lavish affair. Huge mirrors, cut and etched glass and gleaming mahogany, created a dazzling interior.
But perhaps the most extravagant items are the art nouveau light-fittings. Window image SALISBURY WC2 Beautiful bronze nymph figures support long stemmed flowers, with lightbulbs at their centre. Electric lights showed Victorian customers that this was an upmarket and modern pub.
The old gentleman on the pub sign is the Marquess of Salisbury, four times Prime Minister from 1885 to 1901. He owned the lease to the property until 1892.
Window image SALISBURY WC2 This is an incredibly popular pub and is usually
busy, except, that is, in the morning and mid afternoon. A good time for a proper look around. SALISBURY WC2
OPEN Mon-Sat 11.00-23.00
Sun 12.00-22.30
TEL 020 7836 5863
Credit Cards: Access Visa
TUBE Leicester Square
FOOD BAR 12.00-19.30
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