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The Grenadier
Wilton Row, Belgravia, London SW1X 7NR (map)
Tel :020 3582 3495
Opening Times
Monday12:00 - 23:00
Tuesday12:00 - 23:00
Wednesday12:00 - 23:00
Thursday12:00 - 23:00
Friday12:00 - 23:00
Saturday12:00 - 23:00
Sunday12:00 - 22:30
Food Times
Monday12:00 - 21:00
Tuesday12:00 - 21:00
Wednesday12:00 - 21:00
Thursday12:00 - 21:00
Friday12:00 - 21:00
Saturday12:00 - 21:00
Sunday12:00 - 21:00
Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Wells Bombardier, Greene King IPA,
Tucked away down exclusive Wilton Mews, on the corner of Old Barrack Yard, the patriotic Grenadier is painted red, white and blue. A bright red sentry box tells you, if you hadn't guessed, this is a pub with a military history. The Duke of Wellington's Grenadier Guards used it as their mess.

Inside it is small, dark and cosy; the ceiling coffee black, the walls dark panelled. The bar counter has an original pewter top, maybe the oldest of its kind.

The walls are cluttered with military memorabilia; bayonets and sabres, a breast-plate and bear-skin. If you're lucky you may even see the ghost, said to be that of an officer who was flogged to death for cheating at cards. The Duke is said to have played cards here too, but no question of any cheating. This is a gentlemen's pub, and customers dress to match.

At the rear of the pub is a small two roomed restaurant, which seats about 20. The food is good but pricey. The bar meals include home-made burgers, fish and chips, sausage and mash, all are good value at about £8-£9, or you may prefer a jumbo sausage for £1. Be aware, at peak times you may have to stand. As well as a good selection of ales, Bloody Marys (£4.50) are the speciality, made to a secret recipe.

The Grenadier - Paulk
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There is currently no publican's review for this pub

User reviews for The Grenadier, Belgravia
The Grenadier was a regular haunt for Burt Bacharach in the 60's - he wrote the score for What's New Pussycat when he stayed across the road in 10 Wilton Row.
The Grenadierwelshy,
had a hard job to find it but when we did it was good time. met some fantastic people, staff great, had a nice meal and lots of fun. will go again if we can, we are nearly 80 been married 58 years and live in Yeovil Somerset.
The Grenadierrobbie,
My husband and I stumbled upon the pub while walking around London. I loved the place, especially, the grumpy bartender! I found the whole atmosphere fascinating, and you couldn't be in a better location. We are going to London again this year and I guarantee we will visit again.
The Grenadierdaisydoodle,
I am American (not an ugly American though) visiting London for the first time with my daughter (age 17). We just ate at the Grenadier and it was fantastic. We have been here for 3 days and the service was, by far, the most wonderful we have had. The gentleman waiting on us was accommodating and so nice and the food was wonderful. I would recommend this pub to anyone. It is not easy to find. I followed Mapquest directions.
The Grenadierdrkarenp,
I grew up in the US/Midwest and that's just silliness to assume anyone that didn't love this place is from there! Silliness! My husband and I loved this pub from the first visit years ago and look forward to returning yet again this spring. We hope we see some familiar faces and if we don\'t - we\'ll make new friends! It\'s always at the top of our list of how to spend our time in London. It's a lovely spot to contemplate it all. We hope to see all of you there!
The GrenadierSheepdog,
TuckerAnnie you must be one of those people who earn the moniker Ugly American
The GrenadierMrNosa,
My first experience with the Grenadier was several years ago when a London friend took me there....since then it has been my regular pub whenever I get to London. Terrific atmosphere, wonderful service, great customers, all in all a fantastic experience...not sure of what my fellow Americans expect, but I would suggest you figure out what pub culture is all about before you try and compare it to the "authetic" pubs that abound ad nauseaum in the States...some of my favorite evenings have been spent with total strangers outside the Grenadier....funny, they aren't strangers after a few pints...
The Grenadierlegioniatros,
Good God - forgive the spelling misstakes!
The GrenadierSpitfire1940,
I don\'t know what the complaints are all about. The place is oozes charm and atmosphere. The service was stellar and the beer selection fantastic. We ate there and it was quite good. We drank at tons of pubs in and outside of London, and the Granadier was a great favorite. My only regret is not buying a shirt with the pub\'s logo that was being sold. Anyone know how to get one (short of coming back to the pub - 3,500 miles is a long trip!)?
The GrenadierSpitfire1940,
I am going to guess, TuckerAnnie, you're probably from the states, most likely a Midwest state something like Nebraska or Oklahoma. I've been dining regularly at the Grenadier since '87 and on many occasions and never had, or heard a single complaint. All other civilised folks, go to the pub; it's the best.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
TuckerAnnie, why so angry? Who recommended you visit the pub in the first place. Also, it wasn't legal tender if it was out of date.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
The management of this pub is not in touch with reality. They do not realize how to treat the customer as a person that brings in revenue to the pub. They also have a bad view of how to treat good customers. I will never go back or recommend it to anyone else.
The GrenadierTuckerAnnie1,
During a visit to this pub the pub staff was quite rude. They would not accept a legal tender and told my husband to take it to the bank and exchange it. Just because it was an older note, the manager was really rude. We do not recommend ever going to this establishment since the management stinks.
The GrenadierTuckerAnnie1,
I visited The Grenadier Public House for the first time on Saturday 5th November 2011, after being told about it from a London Taxi driver. I absolutely fell in love with it the minute I walked into the Pub. Me & my Husband ended up staying all evening and had only popped in for one drink. It's so great to go to an old traditional pub and we really felt that we were made to feel really welcome. I will be going back to the Pub next time I'm in London.
The GrenadierBreachview,
Our concierge recommended we go here--the location alone is worth the trip. We arrived just as the kitchen was closing and the duty manager rushed us to order. We got flustered, so we ordered hamburgers and chips and they were AMAZING! I mean really delicious--topped with bacon and a fried egg. The bartender was a Yorkshireman and recommended Timothy Taylor ale--also delicious. We loved this place so much, we went back the next night. Very charming--we highly recommend it!
The Grenadiertoodogsus,
My wife Tami and I first went because of the ghost. We went back because of the atmosphere. Food, wine, beer superb. Bartenders excellent: Pete and Patryk. They also were the waiters. Anywhere with Leffe on tap is a friend of mine plus all the great UK brews. Tami's take: "The quintessential old style pub in a charming historic neighborhood. With or without the ghost, it cannot be outdone."
The Grenadieraldaron,
My remarks also pertain to Bruce Phillips. Cheers, angry guys.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
Random Visit. I think there is something more to your dissatisfaction other than a glass. Did you get jilted by your boyfriend here? Girlfriend? First trip to a civilised country? Considering it has been there since the 1700s, I am going to have to defer to history and let that speak for itself. My thinking is you were unable to get your favourite Coors or Bud Lite beer. Just sayin'.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
It's worth a visit, one drink then off you go to the Nags Head. two streets away.
The Grenadierpatrick67,
Quite possibly one of the best pubs in the world, Outstanding ale choice, does larger aswell. Brilliant menu, not trying to be a restuarant or a gastro food outlet, a good balance, and the prices werent to pricey being that its Belgravia. Cozy, comfortable, a pub to spend hours in talking nonsense with your chums. See you there 19 March 2011
The Grenadiertomseymour,
Best Bloody Mary you will find anywhere in London. Sunday at noon. Be there, we will.
The Grenadierlondonwalk,
I visited this pub with some friends last night. I am a big fan of London pubs and without doubt feel that this is the worst pub I have ever been to. The landlord is rude and offensive and when I pointed out politely that I was a customer he said 'when the pub is full the pub is full'. He then put a rope across where we were standing to try and get us to leave. I would urge everyone to avoid this pub and encourage their friends to. It appears from other comments made that only through people not showing up will this rather nasty little man learn that customers are to be looked after as opposed to insulted. Hopefully someone new will then come in and run what is a superbly located pub.
The Grenadierbrucephilipps,
One of the neatest places I have been! There was so much history and charm. I have visited several times, and will continue to visit every time I am in town! The Grenadier is a must on your trip to London!
The Grenadierduchess,
Spot-on, as they say, Mason, spot-on.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
Was the name of the individual that was hanged in the cellar of the Grenadier sounding similar to "RandomVisit" or maybe even related? If so, one could certainly understand "RandomVisit's" anger to the Grenadier. The rope mark around his neck identified him rather easily.
The GrenadierMVerger,
MidWest Gal: I have a "photo" of something taken in the late evening. The place is magical and mystical indeed.
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
"RandomVisit" - I am going to venture out there and guess that you asked the proprietor why he was not showing American Idol or an NFL game. Think of "making a memory" when you visit a unique place, stop and listen without imposing your will and appreciate uniqueness without taking it as a personal assault. Did you ever think the Grenadier maintained its sense of community by forcing people to mingle in its friendly confines around the historic bar or below the beautiful flowers just outside in a tucked away quiet corridor of the bustling Westminster section of London? It balances this while offering the ability to escape the pub scene within the pub by offering a limited number of intimate tables with a menu not meant to match normal pub fare; this is because it is not just another big pub with a jukebox, Budweiser on tap and flat screens deployed to dull a visitor or locals ability to connect with friends or strangers and "make a memory".
The Grenadierdryan1,
My daughter and I visited this lovely historical pub and got there a bit before it opened one morning; the owners allowed us in and told us the history and about the ghost soldier who roams the place. They could not have been any nicer and the food could not have been better! I would go back in a heartbeat, we loved it.
The Grenadiermidwestgal,
RandomVisit (Mr. Disgruntled), et. al. You must have your pubs mixed up. I've been going to the "Grenadier" Pub since 1986 and five or six times a year. The food is very good and you get what you pay for albeit, it is not Burger King, and I am going out on a limb here and say you are most likely from the states. Generally people are "outside" because they want to be, not because they have to be. I've spent "hours" sitting...outside. I have spent several New Years there as well and have nothing but top-class recommendations for the place. The "ale", not beer, is served in pints just like every other establishment in London. My only reluctance in recommending the Grenadier is that I hate going there only to find a bunch of ugly Americans in the place with their sensible shoes and down jackets ordering "beer" as it were. Enjoy your Long John Silvers back in the Midwest. Dennis Tedder NYC
The Grenadierbeadwindow,
Possibly the worst pub I have ever been to. The situation and dťcor are amazing and the selection of beers available is very good. The pub itself is very small, what little space there is has been divided into a drinking area and a dining area, though the latter was not in use when I visited (and Iím not surprised having found out since that the menu prices are higher if you choose to sit in the dining area) we were not allowed to sit there for a drink. This really brings me to the reason I was moved to write my first ever internet review of anything. The short, grey man behind the bar (I believe him to be the landlord) is the least hospitable man I have ever had the misfortune to be served by. He almost seemed to be put out by paying customers wishing to keep his business going. I recommend going to this hole just to se this man in action. He is the pettiest, most small minded publican I have met, I really canít see why he thought running a pub would be a good career move. Additional points to note, due to the lack of seating (that you are allowed to use Ė seriously, heíll actually shout at you), customers are forced to stand around on the street outside (so much for all that atmosphere the guide books prattle on about) in what is actually a pleasant street. Consequently, it is damned near impossible to get a real glass (if Iíd known how rude he was about to be to me, I would have demanded he re-poured my order into glass as I was sitting inside). Finally, beer is served in nominal pints only, donít expect a top up when you point out that it is only four fifths full. Go there or donít, the only reason I can give for going is to see this man in action.
The Grenadierrandomvisit,
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