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CHURCHILL ARMS London W8 7LN 119 Kensington Church St.
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Children allowed in restaurant area
Event - Churchills Birthday 30 Nov, St. Patricks Day 17 Mar.
One of the essentials of a traditional pub is a warm welcome and Gerry O'Brien, who runs the Churchill, gives it with enthusiasm. Perhaps this explains why his pub is so busy; that and the popular Thai food on offer.
Pubs and bric-a-brac seem to go together. At the Churchill all manner of objects hang from the ceiling, including copper vessels, hat boxes and an astonishing number of chamber pots. Every inch of shelf and wallspace is crammed with interesting items. There's a portrait gallery of American Presidents, from
Washington to Nixon. Of course Winnie features heavily too, lots of him, at all ages.
In the back bar a beautiful collection of butterflies is mounted on the walls.
Beyond this is the dining area (formerly the garage yard) which has a glass roof, perfect for the dozens of pot plants which hang from it, creating a jungle like canopy. (Children are allowed in the restaurant.)
This is a well run and interesting pub, with good beer, nice food and a warm atmosphere. What more could you want?
Photo - Churchill Arms London W8
OPEN Mon-Sat 11.00-23.00
Sun 12.00-22.30
TEL 020 7727 4242
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Credit Cards: Major
FOOD Bar & Restaurant
12.00-14.30 & 18.00-21.30
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